Develop And Live Server(Help For Update Procedure)

Hi friends,
We started using ERPNext in the institution I work for. I created a lot of new doctypes and made a lot of Python and JS customizations. Now I want to separate the development and live environments to make it more professional. Can you give me your opinion on this? I cloned my live server and reserved the new server as development. How do I manage the updates I create here? How do I migrate updates to the live environment? Should I use GitHub?

Hi, @gelveri , Please find the link. Hope this will help.


Thanx @Suresh_Thakor.

I have worked so far without doing the fork process described in the manual. So I have a different version. Does it make sense if I make my current version a repository and continue using it?

In addition;
How can I move database operations live? For example, in the test environment, I added a new field to my doctype and this field was created in the db. How can I move this live?

Hi @gelveri , here is also one more link that I followed. Thanks to @MartinHBramwell.