[develop branch] Celery deprecated. Long live Python RQ

Context: Frappe 7 will replace Celery with Python RQ

If you are on the develop branch of frappe & erpnext, when you run bench update, it will replace Celery with Python RQ.

So, to make this work, you will have to change the branch of bench-repo to develop.

cd bench-repo && git fetch origin && git checkout -b develop origin/develop

Also, the default scheduler interval has been reduced from 5 mins to 2 mins.
You can change this by setting "scheduler_interval": 300 in sites/common_site_config.json to set it back to 5 mins. The value is in seconds.

If you have custom Frappé apps that use background jobs that are not defined in hooks, you will have to fix them using this guide: Home · frappe/frappe Wiki · GitHub

If you face any errors during the update, please post them in this thread and we will try to address them.

Anand Doshi.


Wow nice one!