Develop Branch, error since last update: is not a function

Hi there, i’m getting error since last update, javascript log console:

[Error] TypeError: is not a function. (In '', '' is undefined)
	anonymous (Script anonimo 1 (linea 4))
	render (desk.min.js:2182)
	render_template (desk.min.js:2188)
	make (list.min.js:2315)
	init (list.min.js:2311)
	Class (desk.min.js:105)
	refresh_sidebar (list.min.js:2235)
	refresh (list.min.js:1698)
	init (list.min.js:1490)
	Class (desk.min.js:105)
	(funzione anonima) (list.min.js:1408)
	callback (desk.min.js:5943)
	callback (desk.min.js:1318)
	(funzione anonima) (desk.min.js:1343)
	(funzione anonima) (desk.min.js:1433)
	i (jquery.min.js:2:27157)
	fireWith (jquery.min.js:2:27916)
	z (jquery.min.js:4:12071)
	(funzione anonima) (jquery.min.js:4:15621)

and it seems to look at module that doesn’t exist, from bench console log:

web.1 | Module import failed for Task Schedule (meeting.meeting.doctype.task_schedule.task_schedule_dashboard)

same for core modules:

web.1 | Module import failed for ToDo (frappe.desk.doctype.todo.todo_dashboard)

can u please have a look?

Thx in advance

Sorry fixed. Pull again.