Develop Website Using Frappe

I am interesting in creating website using frappe. I really impressed you are using frappe framework for building your own site ERPNext and
Is there any documentation which help me to create website like It will help me to devlope website.


  1. You can create a folder in your repo that will reflect your website. See frappe_io/frappe_io/www at master · frappe/frappe_io · GitHub
  2. Web pages can be in .md or .html
  3. You can directly add content in the pages. Sidebar, breadcrumbs are automatic
  4. To add a sidebar. Add a file index.txt with all the pages in the directory
  5. Every folder must have an or index.html
  6. All files are Jinja Templates, so you can add dynamic pages
  7. Style using CSS

@kolate_sambhaji Note that is running on the experimental version 5. For version 4, place the files in templates/statics dir of your app. You will also not get dynamic pages in version 4.

@rmehta Hi all, I need to change the default layout of my erpnext website. Is there a way to extend the base.html template? Or is there any documentation available for web designing in erpnext?