"Develop" will be Frappe/ERPNext 7

We will be pushing some major updates in the develop branch in the next few weeks and it will be released by the end of this month as Frappe/ERPNext 7.

Among other things, ERPNext 7 will have

  • Asset depreciation
  • Request for quote and portal
  • Collaborative project management
  • Refresh in the portal UI
  • New POS
  • Python RQ will replace Celery to manage background job queues
  • New navigation which will be based on “entities” like Customer, Supplier, Contact and not modules.

If you find errors in develop, please post them here!


its great addition for ERP next…it will be even better if you add salary structure earning and deduction to work on percentage formula…but we are glad to hear this.

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Can not wait.

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that’s so great!

@rmehta Could you explain this a little more? I’m a bit confused about what this means.


does that mean ‘develop’ will be merged to ‘master’ end of April?
If that is so updating from 6 to 7 will be the same bench update then right?

Hi @rmehta, in anticipation of Version 7, if a deployed system is running from the develop branch, to take advantage of some urgent updates, what is the best/recommended way to move a deployed system back to the master branch. Is it a simple task of running ‘bench switch-to-master’?

There is a worry that on an update the V7 functionality would introduce some unforeseen issues.
Thanks and looking forward to V7.

I’d second @cpurbaugh’s question. What does new navigation concept mean?

@Ardan production systems should “always” be on master.

I think you can switch your branches to “master”. But do try it with a backup site first.

@cpurbaugh @strixaluco still working on the new nav. A fresh install will have icons as “Customer”, “Supplier”, “Employee” etc as the instead of “Accounts”, “Stock”, “Selling” etc. The Customer page will be the hub of all activities like selling, billing, shipment related to customers and so on.

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Thanks for explanation. And will it be mandatory change or it will be possible to switch between old and new navigation?

Old modules will still remain, but new users will get new desktops

I see. So we can assume, that if new users want to navigate with old desktop, they will have this option and if old users want to navigate with new desktop, they will be able to do that as well. Is it correct?
Thanks for bringing all the other improvements and features!

@rmehta Trust you’re doing great. Are you sure this would be a more intuitive approach? It works great for me either way but I’m considering how easy it would be for the average user to find their way around

With the current navigation, there’s a pretty clear idea where to find relevant features and documents. I hope this will be enhanced in the new navigation and not the other way around


Thanks a lot for the great work… you guys are awesome!


what is the timeline? When will it be in production ;D

@strixaluco @wale I don’t have all the answers yet!

I am regularly pushing my updates to “develop” if you care to see the updates.

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Lol! It’s fine Rushabh… I think we’re all just very excited

I’ll make an effort to view/follow your updates on “develop”. BTW, are there any particular features penned down for ‘collaborative project management’ yet?



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