"Develop" will be Frappe/ERPNext 7

While v5 was being developed, a v5 demo was available online.

It might be easier to give feedback if a v7 instance was online.

v7 demo is live, you can check following link


Played around with it:

  • POS? Where are the new features? I hope you guys added day-end procedures. Without that you can’t call it a POS.

  • RFQs are now added. Bravo!! Very important feature. Great work.

  • Assets List!! OMG!! Wow! Bravo. Another crucial feature. Brilliant guys. Just brilliant!!

@kolate_sambhaji In the demo, when I click About, it still shows v6 not v7.

ERPNext: v6.27.15
Frappe Framework: v6.27.16

@wdg beta is on develop branch of ERPNext.
v7 is merged into develop branch as mentioned in the title of this post.

  • You can find lots of UI changes.
  • github/calander view on Item, Customer Master.
  • Default User Image as first initial of user name.
  • RFQ and Supplier portal.
  • Update Stock option on Purchase Invoice

Feel free to open above link and test ERPNext, if you find any issue, you can report it on this post.

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on first sight with the demo it seems like it’s still not possible to remove Desktop icons from it if you added any as per this discussion [Upcoming Feature] Configurable Desktop - #18 by wdg about configurable Desktop

Or did you add removeability to >My Settings > Show Desktop Icons ?

noticed there’s asset depreciation, how about fixed asset appreciation?

the new feature is meant to be fixed-asset-depreciation (at least if you follow this related discussion

guess it doesn’t cover appreciation (increase of value)

what do you recommend to do this in erpnext?

I haven’t played with depreciation yet, so I have no idea how that works.
First thing that pops up … negative values in depreciation

@rmehta Same question: Can you please explain entity-based navigation?

If someone is a Lead, are they a Contact?
If that person buys something, is the Contact record then recategorized as a Customer, or will we still have to create a Customer?

Any update on the new POS? Really looking forward to offline capability…

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I’m seeing ‘Reserved Quantity’ for items. Very excited - anyone who has played with it can explain how it works? I couldn’t figure it myself except that a sales order reserves the quantity )if it can be sold).
Is that right?

What transaction will reserve a purchased item?

@rmehta Since version 7’s navigation is going to be more entity driven (New navigation which will be based on “entities” like Customer, Supplier, Contact and not modules), any thoughts or plan to change “Serial No.” by entity?

Most of the time, the auditor will audit the book by entity. One thing they look for is running number per document type per entity.

Can Cloude8 help to develop and contribute this as part of global setting?


Do you mean you want a naming series for Serial Number ? (like a transaction?)

yes, the Serial Number.

When auditor does the auditing, they always like to see running number per entity. When you have more than one entity, the Serial Number are shared. If same auditor audit all entities, this is not an issue. However, sometime the entities are in different countries; therefore, the books are audited by different auditors.


@rmehta will the pos work if network is offline. Example there is break in internet connection whilst a remote branch is doing sales?

Looking forward to trying this version.

@CLU for new serial nos, yes there could be a setting for naming by Item / series. But I am not sure if it can be done in v7

Maybe this could be a customization. You could add an autoname function by hook and use a series by name? (can you start a new thread for this?)


Thanks. Excellent news.

@fkardame please follow this thread.