Develop will be v10

Dear all,

To get out of the PR traffic jam we are in currently (thanks to the conference and some bad planning on our part), we are thinking of merging most of the PRs at one go and jump to v10. This might be released end of November.

Some highlights of v10 will be

  1. Account numbers
  2. Product Configurator
  3. Payment terms
  4. Payroll refactor
  5. Rename “schools” → “education”
  6. Opening Invoice Tool
  7. Non Profits (New Domain)
  8. Delivery Trip
  9. Asset Maintenance
  10. Shipping Rule in Buying
  11. FedEx Integration (beta)
  12. Employee Advance
  13. Agriculture (New Domain)
  14. Improved Chat
  15. Task Tree

I hope (still) that account numbers are optional.



You mention that Account numbers will be available in version 10 will numbering for cost centers also be available at that time? Both are commonly used in the United States and are greatly desired.


Hello, it will be possible to print from the Android APP?


And i believe the account numbering will determine the positioning in the financial statements unlike when it is improvised in the current scenario.

How about microtasks for every task?

Any chance to have:

  • "Grand Child "
  • Purchase cycle for bundles
  • Item Price enhancement

in version 10 or 10.x?


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Please stop asking for features. If you want something, start working to make it happen!


:+1: i agree, even if “Grand Child” and Item Price enhancement seems to be already developed but, for some reason, not merged.

The other thing is, correct if i am wrong, who can assure that feature will be merged?
And then … we’ll fall back to roadmap; unfortunately, as far as I know, there is not a clear roadmap …it seems to rely on :+1: in github issues and nothing more …from here the question, all developed features will be merged?


The PR’s for v10 sound great. :slight_smile: But I’m more worried about how stable Frappe/ERPNext will be once v10 is out. :sweat_smile:

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Item Prices is in PR, so it will be merged soon after testing.

There is no use case for grand child.

Ok, for grand child …can you merge it even if no use case on actual apps?

As it will be merged in Frappe Framework, that could be used to develop other apps. I’ve an use case that would require Grand Child.

I think @kickapoo has another use case

I agree with @joez on this one. As it’s a framework level PR, an ERPNext use-case should not be a prerequisite to be approved.

If there is a reason other than “no use case” for not merging, that should be addressed.

If PR quality meets standards, it should be merged.

I am really glad to see the Asset Maintenance and Delivery Trip features are going to be merged in V10!