Developer icon not shown

hi, i followed the instructions and installed the system. I made the setup for the developer mode but the developer icon is not shown.
Also when i create new doctypes the system does not create the respectice json files in the app directory

What im doing wrong

Hi, have you added “developer_mode”:1 to site_config.json?

Refer to :

In your case, it should be in sites/site1.local/site_config.json

Hi thanks for your reply. I already did add the developer_mode

Did you try killing the server and starting it again?

i cleared the cache, stopped the instance restarted the machine… nothing
It just wont show the developer icon.

Did you make a new site for development? Can you tell me what’s in your currentsite.txt inside your sites folder?.

No i didnt i used the script to install the system as discribed in the website

Easy way

Supported for CentOS 6, CentOS 7, Debian 7 and Ubuntu 12.04+

Open your Terminal and enter:

sudo bash --setup-production

site1.local is in currentsite.txt

Did you not remove --setup-production from the command? You need to remove it if you want to develop.

Yes i did
but still it does not work
The strange thing that is allowing me to create document types and also
if i select or diselect the custom check box in the doctype setup it creates the json files in a new module im testing.