Developer mode can't be enable and can't find Doctype Files .py and .json

I am newbie for ERPNext, I do follow tutorial but step open Doctype Directory Structure, I can’t find any .py file and .json.
I think this problems is from developer mode, I did everything from discusss but It doesn’t work.
Could you help me check this?
I use ubuntu 18.04

it seems like you didnt install erpnext

I use frappe tutorial: Frappe Framework Tutorial
Could you give me the link of Erpnext?

you should enable developer mode by command

bench set-config developer_mode 1

and logout and login as administrator
then go to doctype list and choose your doctype and open it and uncheck custom checkbox
and then run command migrate after saving

bench migrate

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try to follow the easy install

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yes sure, I also think I didn’t install ERPNext, Now I try, thank you

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you’re welcome