Developer mode is not working in ERPNext-15?

Here is my site_config.json file

 "db_name": "_b469ed7ce736e025",
 "db_password": "AUxFS8srnjjz76d8",
 "db_type": "mariadb",
 "developer_mode": 1,
 "user_type_doctype_limit": {
  "employee_self_service": 30

Developer mode is enabled when I move cursor in any field its working fine and showing the fieldname in version 14 and below. but in Version 15 its not working


Facing the same. Very difficult to create any script and report. Every time it requires to open customize.


Exactly every time i have to open customize. @rmehta please check this

@Antony_Praveenkumar, This is a voluntary forum so any expert will suggest a way so no need to mark to @rmehta or any other. This is my suggestion only.


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Agree :+1:

Hi @Antony_Praveenkumar @Suresh_Thakor:

Using “ALT” key it is working for me … tag with field name is showed (version-15 and develop) …
Even without developer_mode active …

You mean this?

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Yes its working

but I feel the previous one is very simple and easy okay no issues, i can manage with this. thank you

Thanks @avc , you saved my time. Appreciate. :+1:

But while deploy in production is not needed I feel. what you say

Hi @Antony_Praveenkumar:

IMHO it’s really useful to create client/server scripts, reports, etc …

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