Developer mode (on a live system)


Turns out I need to have Developer mode activated. I cannot however find any documentation about developer mode.

Is it safe? What could go wrong? How do you activate developer mode on a live system? What do I need to know about developer mode, as a developer?

Any help would be appreciated.

You DO NOT need to enable developer mode in production.

it’s only useful when you’re actively developing some frappe app. It lets you edit doctype schemas and other standard documents. If you do this in production they’d get wiped on next update.

Enabling is as simple as

bench set-config -g developer_mode 1

Thanks Ankush.

I am at a bit of a loss here. I want to create roles and role profiles that set specific access to certain native doctypes. To do this, it was mentioned that it needs to happen in “developer mode”. This is because the permission matrices that you find when viewing a native doctype cannot be changed.

If I have erpnext running on frappe cloud (not on a bench) how can I give custom roles permissions to native doctypes?

Hi there,

You would use the Role Permission Manager tool, which creates Custom DocPerm documents on the backend to override the default permissions.

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Hi Peter!

I have tried that, but the permissions again seem to have no effect when applied to native doctypes. Everything works like a charm if those doctypes are “IsCustom” true.

Are you sure that using the Role Permission Manager tool would work in this case? Any idea why it would not be working for me?

Many thanks!

Hmm…that’s strange. Role Permissions Manager is definitely the standard way to set permissions on standard doctypes. Can you be specific about what you’re trying to do?

I basically want to create a new role and assign that role to be able to edit certain (our custom) doctypes. Maybe if I did not want to edit doctypes with these permissions, these permissions would work?