Developer mode to Production mode in erpnext 13

With so much of headache i installed erpnext 13 and Frappie 13.It was in developer mode.I was trying to make in production level but could not…I have all search all over the internet.Please do suggest me with link or comment.Your help will be highly appcrciated

Thanking you

You should have installed with version-13 branch. Try to do that with bench if possible

I did installed version 13…can you help me with elaboration…I havent got you what you mean

use bench command

bench switch-to-branch version-13
bench update
bench --site mysite.domain migrate

Your system is being updated. Please refresh again after a few moments.
I am getting this error.

please see the log to investigate further.

which log

I don’t know. The error can be anywhere. That’s what the log is used for.

Try below commands.

bench update --requirements
bench build
bench migrate

I tried…Still in devlopement mode and giving same error
I am turning off Maintainance mode