Developer needed for ErpNext implementation into a Printing business

Hello everyone.

We are a printing/manufacturing business from Belgrade, Serbia. We are eager to adopt ErpNext as aour primary means of running our business, but some features are not in accordance with our needs. We have an old in-house application in VisualFoxPro that we would like to get rid of, and move all of those funcions into ErpNext.
We are looking for a developer that would help us with this task. If anyone is interested, please write to
or respond in this thread.
Thank you and looking forward to hearing from someone!

Kind regards,
Nenad Andjelkovic,
operations manages
Verzal d.o.o.
Lole Ribara Street no. 7
11250 Belgrade. Serbia

You’ll want to post this on the jobs page, if you haven’t already: