Developer needed - specific business setup

Hi all,

New to the group so sorry if I’m not asking in the right place!

Are there any developers available that could basically set up ERPNext with the specific needs of a new business?
I’ve spent a lot of time going through options/customisation already and don’t feel like I’m getting very far. I can see the potential with the system but I think that someone with experience with it and knowledge of how my business does (and wants to) work, will be able to do a much more thorough and complete job.

Would appreciate any guidance on this, if it’s advisable, work that people here already do and potential rates, etc.?

thanks in advance,

Erpnext has a list of service providers


just my opinion … I think it’s highly beneficial to customize a system as little as possible and try to adopt previous practiced procedures to it rather then trying to rebuild something that was maybe developed using many different people and putting together different ways of doing things.
I totally understand the idea to recreate what exists but in terms of implementing a complex system like an ERP I think the benefits from doing it as the system’s logic suggest are much higher.

just a small example … a business might be used the the term “Customer Bill” for an invoice issued to a customer. So, the business customizes it’s ERPNext to continue using that term.
Now a Problem with that comes up, an employee might look for a solution but googleing “ERPNext” + “Customer Bill” just won’t return anything … I guess you see where I am coming from.

That’s just a small maybe not fatal example but I think this scales up on any level. So’ I’d say whether there is any way to do adopt existing procedures to do it the ERPNext way a business will benefit from that long term.

I acknowledge that resistance against ‘new ways’ can be difficult to overcome in any organization though.