Developer server freeze when detect change in a file


I Have some trouble to use Frappe Framework, In some time I see in console:

“* Detected change in (some different file)” after that, the server restart… but, freeze!! In Browser nothing works, even I shutdown the server and restart manually, still freeze… To solve, I must restart ** the machine** …

Any thoughts what’s is these problem?

Ps.: I don’t change any file manually… I don’t even open any file… just use normally in the browser…


Have never come across such a situation. Maybe you need to give more resource / RAM to your VM ?

I think the problem is not resouce, because in htop my machine has 45% free… but, I don’t follow your thoughts about these… in prodution if my resource is over, the frappe reboot every time?


In the list 5 odd years, we have never come across such a situation.

There are many other moving parts other than frappe, maybe something else is broken.

in production we use another WSGI server (gunicorn) which doesn’t restart on file change.
You can just kill a process instead of rebooting the server

Thanks guys!! Sorry for these misundestand… I install again in a clean V.M, anda works perfect!!! I don’t now, why these error occur, but its fine now!!