Developer Tutorial - need help


Recently I’ve been following these videos:

I got to session 4 where we write the JS to call the PY by declaring the PY function as whitelist. It turns out that I cannot call the function successfully and when I try to do a bench execute it says APP is not installed!

Which is weird because everything from session 1 and 3 looked fine.

Then I discovered that when I made the Meeting DocType… it was writing to the regular ERPNext database on the same server and the DB that was created for the site was completely EMPTY!

Despite going to the host name site somehow, the system is pointing to the ERPNext database on site1.local which is only accessible via IP (no hostname defined in config file).

Please anyone can shed some light on this behavior?



After you created the meeting app, did you install it in site or site1.local?
Also are using port/domain multi-tenancy to access your sites? or you are using bench use to set default localhost site

Hope you didn’t forget bench use [site name]