Developer Tutorial Videos

Frappe Developer Tutorials now published!


That’s great !! I was struggling, hope it would help :slight_smile:

Excellent effort.

I have watched the first two and now going for the third. One question Ive had in mind since doing the tutorials is if it is possible or you are contemplating being possible to define the Doctypes programatically. For me, and I am sure others, who are used to program and look for our variables in code it would help for quicker development. If this is offtopic I can ask in a new post.

Excellent work, I have gone through the whole series at once ! :slight_smile:

I have one curious similar to @javieralmancevo

  1. Can we create Doctype and/or Form grammatically instead of through UI.
  2. And if not, can we migrate our work from one DB into another DB easily.

I am finishing work in another framework and have not been able to give ERPNext too much time yet, but when you save your module the changes that you make to the DB migrate with you (if you mark it so). I believe the code for the database gets saved as json (the devs will tell you for sure).


Yeah, bench migrate automatically syncs schemas in json files.

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Wow, Thanks a lot… it will be really helpful…

Realy great videos! Thank You. @rmehta : the 4th video shows some green screens for some minutes…I think this is not intended?

Thanks @itsdave for reporting. Re-exporting the video now.

Thanks! :slight_smile: