Developer Tutorials (Feedback Wanted)

Please give your feedback on this list of tutorials to help get started with development on Frappe Framework

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They seem good to me.

We are waiting for more tutorials on frappe and erpnext :wink:


Great with these. Maybe some thoughts around email-hooks, like the reminder in this example will be sent repeated every day which is maybe not what the customer of the library wants. Suggest to add some rules on how to achieve some smart logic for outgoing notifications/mails to trigger instant but remind weekly, with a max count, etc.

Would be great with some additional examples on how to adapt the admin side UI a bit, like overdue books to end up at the top, say < 30days orange > 30days red, and so on. And how to add some interactivity like showing when the user was reminded, by who, deleting the loaner all together, maybe adding the erpnext standard comment feature to each loan entry.

A side-note might be the raw sql. I understand but might scare off some people.

Thanks! yeah we can expand the library system to make it much deeper. Will add it to my docs list :smile:

I constantly look at these tutorials to make my customizations and they are always very helpful. I noticed that some are a little outdated at some aspects.