Developing the ERPNext Community through local Meetup's

it seems the platform is getting more popular and could be one channel to develop a Community and widen the userbase. Searching for ERPNext returns a sad outcome though.

Now I just have receive a mail by gitkraken who are trying to push creatins of local meetups with providing a so-called meetup package and just wanted to pass this idea along here. Maybe the Foundation in founding (@JayRam) would be an instance to drive such an initiative?

Or does anybody want to go for it (@strixaluco … we where losely talking about a meetup here in Shanghai)

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I think Bangalore has already used MeetUp and yes it works very well. Sure, The Foundation will factor this into it’s plans. Maybe its a good infrastructure to enable local communities.

Let’s know if you need any help in a Shanghai MeetUp.



first I’d need potential participants. As far as I can see ERPNext is a pretty blank page in regards to china (apart from @strixaluco who is some hours away). Anybody in the Shanghai area interested willing to prove me wrong? ping me here and let’s see how to get started

Can Foundation sponsor meet up?
If foundation sponsor meet up, then I can arrange meet up in Pune.