Development Environment and Production Environment


I had amended some code in develop environment master branch on a virtual machine,

Can i copy those amended code to the new vm production environment master branch ?

In addition, i plan to use the develop environment master branch (using bench start) for production purpose , is it okay ? Or any suggestion from you guys ?

As per as I see, there are three ways to make code changes

  1. If the changes are generic, make the changes(fixing an issue or adding feature) and contribute the code back to community. In that way, you don’t have to maintain your custom changes
  2. If the changes are very specific to your usecase
    a) Create an app and make the changes in that app. In that way, you will not be mixing your changes with erpnext, frappe
    b) Fork the repository(erpnext/frappe) and make the changes to your forked repository. You have the burden of rebasing your forked repo with the mainline code, so this is better avoided
    The code changes are common to development and production environment, so it really doesn’t make much difference.
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