Development new custom reports

My Company plan to transfer from Accounting SAGE50 Desktop System to ErpNext.
Now, we need the most of SAGE Reports to be in Erpnext by creating it as custom Reports in Erpnext.
First report which is we need it from developers called “Items-sold-to-customer” .
Please See Attachments.

Not sure if I understand you clearly, do you wish to post a job? If yes post it here

If you are asking how to create custom reports refer to this:

I work with a company that is migrating from Sage50 to ERPnext as well! The tutorial videos were ok, but I am looking for specifics on how to migrate (export/import) data from Sage50 to ERPnext (specifiacally Customers, Vendors, and Inventory items list).
Any insights, or helpful tips?

Data Import is the best way to migrate data from Sage50 to ERPNext! :wink: