Development Stack / Enviroment

Hi guys,

I’m working on a custom erpnext version for a client, and I’m preparing my working enviroment for accelerate my development speed and increase it’s efficiency.

Did any of you have such experience or has a set of tools and mechanisms ?

I’m workin on Ubuntu 14.04.1
Using PyCharm as IDE
Using git as VCS
Using github to host my code

I need 2 more steps
Standerdize update mechanism
Use deployment system to make the deployment easier.

Feel free to share your expience and I’ll update this post with mine.


We, New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd are partner of ERPNext. We worked on many customizations and implementations of ERPNext. Our maximum team members use Ubuntu OS and Sublime-Text2 editor for coding and development. Code compilation and bindings are handled by frappe itself with git commit. And each commit on code is a new version.


I use: TextMate (on Mac) and Firefox as my primary browser.

For local testing

bench frappe --serve

Building / rebuilding js files in frappe / erpnext

bench frappe -w

For Building portal apps (statics)

bench frappe --sync_statics

For deployment, update, we use git + bench (standard usage)

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I’m talking about something like this:

Thats the bench!