Development to production mode setup

Can anyone please share with me how can i install previous version of v8.0.1 of development mode and then convert this mode to production mode ?

I made some code changes in v8.0.1 erpnext , so i need to use the version to avoid any conflict.

Could someone please kindly guide me on this ? I find out few similar issue like me in the forum, but most of it do not contain any solution or fixed.

I still unable to access by using access URL of the vm only after i did bench setup production.

is my supervisor.conf and nginx.conf right ? (I am not sure)

I check on my service nginx status, but it seem like port id is invalid argument, and i can’t access the erpnext, anyone could help me on this? Urgent, i wasted a lot of time researching on convert development mode to production mode.

Can anyone posted your nginx.conf to me ? seem like i found out is nginx.conf is missing something,

here this link from my research : Can't access ERPNext - #5 by william

Could anyone please lend me a hand on this ? how to make development mode with supervisor and nginx, so that i can access the url and if the server down, it will restart it automatically (supervisor function)

Could anyone please help me on this ? or guide me ? Your help is greatly appreciated.

my nginx welcome page also unable to load by accessing the url of the vm

There is no need to stick to that particular version. If you are making code changes, this is the suggested approach

  1. Make the code generic and contribute it back to community. You don’t have to worry about maintaining your changes. If that is difficult:
  2. Consider making a custom app and move your changes there. If that is not possible
  3. For your erpnext repo and make the changes there and maintain your own version. You can keep frappe/erpnext as upstream and /erpnext as develop


I really waste a lot of time in setting up a production server,

currently i am using my own vm to do testing, i have completely changed all the code, however, i do not know how to create my own git remote repo, so that my real production server can using this command : bench get-app/install-app with local app folder (i aware of get-app only apply to remote repo).

Can you please guide me on this ? I really appreciate your help and sorry for causing any trouble to you.

Changing all the code without understanding the implications is asking for trouble. For example, how are you planning to handle any future bench updates?
Frappe team has a nice wiki(App Development using GitHub · frappe/frappe Wiki · GitHub) explaining the development process. In summary, I would probably do this:

  1. Use ‘git status’ to check all the modified files
  2. Think whether you can maintain all those changes accommodating the future upgrades
  3. If you can, fork your clone and set that as development branch using ‘git remote’ command
  4. Push the changes to your forked repository
  5. On production, you can install erpnext from your fork rather than from frappe/erpnext

It has to be indicated in this document that install-app is the first command to run.

-----------------snippet from the site.-----------------
Setting up local access to your fork
When making changes to your local installation, you will need to be able to update the online repository so that you can push changes to Frappe / ERPNext, as well as keep revisions on GitHub, etc.

Access your local installation using a terminal and go to the frappe-bench folder

For each app you have forked, use the following commands to establish a remote to your fork:

cd apps/[app_name] (How did the app come into existence in your instance?)
git remote add origin[username]/[app_name]
Use the following command (in each apps/app_name folder) to verify the remote has been added

git remote -v
-----------------snippet from the site.-----------------