Development Tool

Dear All,

What is the best tool to use while working with ErpNext Customization?
Currently I am using notepadd++ and built in text editor in Ubunto.

Thank you.

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did you try vscode?

Hi. I use VSCode when working on PHP under windows. But not on Ubuntu.
I will install it and give it a try.


I use VSCode daily. You can also connect to your server via ssh within the VSCode.

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VSCode is a popular choice for GUI editors. That’s what I’m using. I think some people use Atom too.

If I’m in a terminal, and want to quickly edit files, I use Micro. It’s a single binary executable. You just download and run.

For me, Micro is much easier to use compared to nano, vi/vim, or emacs. It has some nice customization features, will integrate with linters to show Python errors, and a lot more.

One of the first things I do when creating a new VM, or working on client systems, is download this program.


Thanks for the reply.
I will definitely try Micro. Since what I need the most is something to show me sysntax errors.


Micro seems powerfull. Thank you for the tip.

What about PyCharm Community?

snap install pycharm-community --classic

Yes, PyCharm certainly another option.
I tried it…hmm…maybe 3-4 years ago.
Seemed to work pretty well.

I still can’t debug python side. Do you debug python with any of the IDE ?

No not really.
I just use the php way by assigning variables and viewing it in consol.

I use VSCode for debugging, it works like a charm, even over ssh or in containers.

For debugging Frappe/ERPNext, here is a good tutorial:

Basically you uncomment a line in the bench procfile, and start the same code with your debugger.
I usually work with a combination of VSCode/Firefox. You can set breakpoints and use the debugger console, etc.