Deviating Expenses included in Valuation

I guess wherever there is the need to use Expenses included in Valuation, we should be able to choose the account.
There are logistic processes and production/manufacturing processes. Their costs are different expenses. So, any transaction involving LCVs or other ways of including expenses, I guess the corresponding accounts should be selectable.

Right now, I am changing the Default account before every different transaction.

There is this thread Expenses Included in Valuation I guess it was closed before implementation.

Such options will add great value to the product.

As suggested in the earlier thread, it will be best to track Github Issue for your suggestions, so that we can try gauging demand for it via upvote and bring to roadmap ultimately.

do we have enough discussion here as per the process flow?

“do we have enough discussion here as per the process flow?”

To foster discussion whatever example use case or posts you find and add here would help illustrate the problem you wish to address.

As well add your feature request here Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Hi @Tufan_Kaynak2, you did an issue for this?

Is a very common problem here, where de valuations cost in many acounts it not possible use, ERPNext only use default account “Expenses included in Valuation” in company.