Difference Account Overriding not working on Material Receipt

I’ve just made a Material Receipt for opening balance of some batch items. I chose Temporary Account to override different account in item (default is Cost of Good Sold). But it didn’t override it. After submitted, it posted to Cost of Good Sold, not Temporary Account…

Using latest v5.8.2…

Worked for me. Can you try it again?

Yes tried it again and it didn’t override… Need to adjust some settings?

You may have updated it by mistake?

Do you mean update from previous version? I updated from 5.6.3 to 5.8.2 without error and everything is working well. Also I don’t have any custom scripts…

I tried it again and again…but this is not working. I set difference account to Stock Adjustment, but it didn’t override it. It keeps posting to Cost of Good Sold… (using v6.1.1)

Is there a setting I missed here?

Using v6.3 now…and different account is still not working on stock entry.

It keeps posting to Cost of Good Sold, evenif we have mentioned another account for difference account.

Can anybody reproduce this issue?


Bump…can anyone reproduce this issue?

Same issue here and reported here: Difference account in stock entry (repack) NOT overriding Difference account in stock entry items · Issue #4127 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
I am on ERPNext Version: 6.4.6

@jof2jc @Francois_Ifitwala I think @nabinhait has fixed this.