Difference between doc type and form


I just noticed that new fields can be added by two ways
1)directly from setup->doctype
2)setup->customize form

While these fields are not the same as change in one does not update the other,.Could someone explain me this?

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Adding field via Customize Form, will create a Custom Field record and it will not be added in .json file.

If you are in developer mode, then adding field directly into Doctype, will update in .json file, but if you do not commit the changes, it will go away after updating erpnext. Adding custom field via doctype is not a recommended way.


okay, so the changes done via customize file will not be affected by the update?
What about the new doc types that i have created? Will those also be affected because of update?

No, custom doctypes are also not part of the file system. So, those will not be affected by update.

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Thanks, That solves my doubt.