Difference between Lab Prescription and Lab Test

What exactly is the difference between a Lab Prescription and a Lab Test in the healthcare module. From what I understood, Lab Prescriptions are actually suggested lab tests to be performed and not the actual tests itself. If thats the case then why are Lab Prescriptions also seen in the Get Items action of Sales Invoice.


This enables the billing user to invoice Lab Orders for a Patient without having to look up the Patient Encounter document

I still have confusion on this. Lets say In the Patient Encounter Form, Lab Tests are prescribed and its submitted. Now Lab Technician does a “New Lab Test” and does a get lab tests from encounter and saves and submits this Lab Test. Now when I create an SI, I see both the Lab Test Created with a reference to the original Lab Prescription and the Lab Prescription itself. Am I clear?


I guess Get Items from option should not list the “invoiced” items.

Yes it shouldnt. But in my above scenario its showing twice one as a Lab Prescription and other as a Lab Test which was created against that Prescription in the first place. None of these two are invoiced yet but then the two are related so why show both and confuse the person who is billing. May be I am missing something

Will make a check on this.

Sure. Thanks a lot. Also if possible if we can discuss it through once, I would want to help updating the docs also and to contribute if changes are necessary in the code

Hey got a chance to look at this?

I think Lab Prescription/Procedure Prescription itself are not supposed to be billed, its just a suggested Lab Test/Treatment to be done and to get it directly on the New Lab Test/New Appointment Form.

When we create an new Procedure or Lab Test only then should it be billed.


@akurungadam Will appreciate if you can let me know the correct function of the Lab and Procedure Prescription as currently its being billed which I think shouldnt be the case.

Please excuse my delay in response.

Most facilities bill the lab orders before actually doing the Lab Tests. Also, we may not want the billing user to look up the Patient Encounter to view the medications / diagnosis orders for a Patient. Get Items in Sales Invoice should not ideally list already billed services / orders (from prescription) - could you please verify if the Invoice is submitted?

Also please note that we have an option to create Lab Test / Sample Collection automatically on Invoice Submit.

Cool. Got your point, but will this not attract a lot of errors. In a lot of scenario practitioner recommend a lot of procedures or tests but patients may or may not get all of them done. There is no chance that the billing user would have any idea whether or not it was done and they will just select all items and make the invoice. In current implementation how do we handle this?


You see, billing is altogether optional. In the current implementation, the billing user has to search the encounter based on practitioner / department / date and then fetch orders from the Encounter for billing. IMO, this works well when a patient walks-in with a prescription for a medication refill / lab test.

BTW, you can also opt to hide the “Prescriptions” button from Get Items From via a custom script :wink:

In that case there is some issue in the implementation in my opinion. I am on v11 and in Get Items frm “Prescriptions” only show prescribed drugs and Get Items from “Healthcare Services” lists Procedures as well as Prescribed Procedures. Please see the attached screenshot


From my understanding the reason Lab Prescriptions are also seen in the “Get Items” action of Sales Invoice is because they are used to track and manage the billing and inventory of lab tests. So, when a lab test is ordered, it gets associated with a Lab Prescription for easier management and tracking purposes.

Sorry for the late reply, but I’d like to say that you’re right that Lab Prescriptions are actually suggested lab tests to be performed. They specify the tests that are needed for a patient. On the other hand, Lab Tests are the actual procedures conducted to obtain the required medical information. And, probably, the Lab Prescriptions are seen in the Get Items action of Sales Invoices because the healthcare system integrates with the invoicing system. It can be a way to ensure proper billing and record-keeping. I also wanted to share a fantastic way to save on prescriptions. Have you heard about the ubrelvy coupon? By using it, you can get a discount on your prescription medication, making it more affordable and accessible.