Difference between path api/resource/… and path api/method/module/doctype/

Sorry if the question seems a bit stupid, I read the documentation and saw RPC and Rest API. Does frappe offer both of these uses?. However, I see that the documentation only talks about the api/resource path to use rest api (CRUD), what about the api/method/module/doctype/… path?

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The api/resources path is used for normal CRUD operations, while the api/method/module is used for directly calling specific functions or methods. This is helpful for more complex tasks or actions that are not covered by the REST API, such as running a custom script or performing calculations.

ah, i see, and how about RPC and restAPI, for default what kind of transfer api frappe use


I believe that API/resources for utilizing REST API are the default transfer API utilized by Frappe. The Frappe documentation predominantly focuses on providing REST API, which is used for performing CRUD operations.

oki tks for your answer. i will read cafully in document