Difference between Production and Developer Mode


Well, came to know recently that erpnext can be in production mode or developer mode. While we can also set the developer_mode=1 in production launch, what’s the difference between the two?
Is there any drawbacks if we develop the erpnext from its production deployment ?

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Developer Mode:
-In Developer mode , user can creates its own doctype .
-To start the developer mode site ,uses the ‘bench serve --port portno’ or ‘bench start’ command.

Production Mode:
-In Production mode , user can customize the existing doctype but cant creates its own doctype.
-Production mode site run on nginx and supervisor.

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We have a production server, in which we have done some customization to forms and workflows.(we did not know there was a different mode)
Now we have created a new server which is hosted in developer mode. Is it possible to migrate all the work done so far into this new server? redoing everything will consume lot of time and effort.
If someone could give a detailed steps, that would be great! :smile:


I am also looking for the same …deployment process from one server to another after changes typically Dev environment to Prod. It would be Great to find.



Use fixtures:


The link doesn’t explain much. i have followed the steps and got the .json files of the fixtures. how can i import these on the new server ?


If they are set in hooks, they get automatically synced on update.

Sorry i didn’t explain better, i want these changes to be imported in another system and another erpnext installation . How can i do that?

That is what fixtures will do. You add them to your repo and they get installed with your app.

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