Difference between Stock Entry, Material Request , Purchase Receipt, Delivery Note


Could some one please explain the difference between Stock Entry with purpose material receipt and purchase receipt?

Its clear that Purchase receipt is against a purchase, but what exactly is the use of Stock Entry with Purpose as Material Receipt?

Similarly, we have Material Request with purpose as issue and also stock entry with purpose as issue. what is the difference in these two?


Refer Link:-

In Purchase Receipt-You select supplier ,form which supplier you purchase goods.
Material Receipt- you directly select warehouse ,where you want to store goods

Delivery Note-> Actual How much quantity you have delivered to customer
if customer place order for 50 quantity and you Delivered only 25 then stock will deducted from warehouse 25 qty.

Material Request with purpose as Issue - Means your are requesting first before issue product.
Stock Entry with purpose as Issue- you directly issue product from Source warehouse.

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Thanks a lot. Its clear now