Difference between warehouse,cost centre and company

we are planing to open a new branch and we are finding it hard to decide if to open new company, new warehouse or new cost centre.

to give more information, the branches shall be using same item master, same suppler master and maybe but not always same customers.

we are looking for a solution which shall have independent profit analysis and and reporting in each branch.

kindly help here since am going through the forum and dont seem to get the answer to this concern.

For a branch you’d need new profit centre. If they will have their own stock then also a warehouse.
You’ll report on profitability through profit centre.
If you have different tax requirements and reporting then you could look at setting up a new company.

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thank you,

I think what we need is a warehouse as these branches will be selling independently…
and hence different cost centres… now my question will be is it possible to assign different user a point of sale different from the main cost centre or will they be selecting this each time they make an invoice?

Yes, you can define a default cost center to the user in POS Profile.