Difference in proofing attendance to Employee

Hello , Could any one tell me the difference in :
1- Mark Attendance on “Attendance DocType”
2-Employee Attendance Tool Doctype
3-Attendance Request Doctype

You can get all the answers by glossing over the documentation, but here’s a quickie.

Allows you to mark multiple attendances for one Employee in a month

You can mark attendance for multiple employees in on go for a single date

Imagine a scenario where an employee is out on field or attending a meeting. He can use this to raise a request for marking attendance by giving a valid reason


Thank you for reply. I have marked all month present for employee (for test salary) and the rest of month are absent . so the and made Basic depend on payment days . But the salary is NOT taking the absent days into consideration

Which version are you using? If it is v12, you will have to post LWP leave applications to take into account the absent days. If it is v13, you need to go to Payroll settings, and set “Calculate Payroll Working Days Based On” To Attendance.

Let us know if you still face any issues.

Hope this helps.


Thank you , your reply is focused and touched my core question .