Differences between doctype, page, module

hello everyone,

I want to build some simple app using frappe.
I am a little bit confused about differences between doctype, page, module.
in which situation is better to create simple page like “Activity” on frappe?
when is better to create new app module?
Can someone explain it shortly?

Thank you

In short:

Doctype would be a Table in mysql.
Page is something like a Webpage, can be a report also
Module = Is a collection of many different doctypes, reports and pages.

So if you have a custom app you would have at least one module but in erpnext you have many modules

This is a short answer from my limited knowledge of erpnext.

thank you for your short explanation.

i am wondering for later maintaining its better to create separate app, or modify some doctype builtin in frappe, and create needed modules?

thanks in advance.

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Create separate app to avoid conflicts with future upgrades.