Different amount of purchase invoice and purchase order

We have a vendor that sometimes sends us an invoice with a different amount from the purchase order. For example, the amount of the purchase order to is $100 but when the invoice comes, it is $99 (and may be $101). Our accounting department insists that we have to generate a purchase invoice in ERP with the amount of $99. If we do so, it will leave the purchase order status to be incomplete (to bill). Is there a way that we can match the amount of our purchase invoice with the invoice amount from supplier and at the same time able to complete the purchase order?

In the upcoming release, there will be an option to Close the Purchase/Sales Order manually.

Sound great. Which release and when?

@nabinhait @gohyc there is allreay stop feature, we are using this similar to close activity.

Is using STOP really OK for my situation?

@gohyc Yes, you can also use STOP feature. But it is little bit unintuitive, stopped status does not say that actually order is completed.

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OK. Should I wait for the new release with the manual close? When will it be released?

Most probably it will be released next week.

v6 only?

Thanks Nabin. This will useful for us too. Looking forward to it.

This feature will be really helpful and am looking forward to it. Will there be an option to set the variation that is allowed like in stock?


I can see that the new ‘Close’ feature is now available from today. Thank you. Can anyone close it? Or is it tied to a particular permission like submit or Cancel?

@mayur_hotmail Close button is available to all, not based on permissions.