Different Barcode


If I have items the Unit of Measure will be (Kg) and I want to sell this items in POS.

the scales will generate a barcode every time for my customers based on their request like that :

Item Name : Lemon
Price : 1 $

If my customer buy (Lemon 1.75KG)

So how ERP next read this barcode in POS to ?
to select automatic (Lemon ) and put in Quantity (1.75KG)


You can edit the Quantity field in POS. If you got error related to fraction, then go to that UOM and uncheck ‘Must be Whole Number’ field.

Hope this helps.


Hi Prakash,

I would like to thank you for your support, but I need to ask you how can the ERPnext POS read the Printed label from balance barcode

@GoLive What you want is to scan the barcode and it will automatically fill the item and qty, right? As of right now, that isn’t available.

@cpurbaugh OK

Can I custom it ?

Was this implemented? I might need too…

We implemented it, if you have If you need any consultation send me the details on Info@golive-solutions.com


Thanks. Anything i will let you know.

Any update on this? I’m trying to achieve this as well… Thanks in advance :smiley:

Yes, we would like the same.

Different Barcode for different UOM