Different Customer (Business Partner - BP) on same invoice

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Not sure if this is on the pipeline or plans but at our company with our current erp system there is a senario where we could be selling to a customer that gets the invoice paid by a different company. In cases where the stock the customer buys is shipped to them but a rental company then needs the invoice made out to them for contract purposes.


  1. Customer A - We will generate the sales order to Customer A
  2. On the sales order for Customer A we will add in a field for the ‘Paying BP’ the rental company or the Customer B that will pay for the goods. Sometimes this could be a head office of Customer A which could be a branch office.
  3. We can then use the sales order, or invoice to report on what is sold to Customer A
  4. Accounts receivable is then records on Customer B

Also for CRM we record the sale on the Customer but the ‘Paying BP’ is different and is responsible for paying the invoice.

So sales records are shown in customers name and accounts receivable is in paying bps name.

If anyone else using such a system - and how complicated is it to get something like this in erpnext? Hope I am making sense and its not too confusing :wink:



Here is the workaround.

  1. Create a Custom Link field of Customer in the Sales Invoice.
  2. In the Custom Field, select a Customer to whom you are shipping but not billing.
  3. In the Standard field of Customer, select a Customer to whom you are billing and who will be making payment.
  4. Create a Custom Print Format (may be multiple), each for billing and shipping party.

Hope this helps.

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Thank @umair

Will try that as a workaround, but I think we should consider this option down the road.


Feel free to craete a Github Issue, or may be sponsor for the development to fast-track it.