Different Document Running Number for Different Warehouse

I’m implementing EPRNEXT for a multi locations company.

I’m creating 2 warehouse for 2 locations for this company, Im wondering if can have the separate running number for this , eg

Warehouse KL ( For branch KL )

Warehouse MLK ( For branch MLK )

Master Running number as usual will be share for both warehouse, eg INV-0001
but would have the Branch Running Number also or both branches, example as following ;


What is your business use case?

You could also use


The example I give is possible.
The one you want needs 2 counters and seems not possible without paying a developer to customize it.

What we need is

  1. Company Wise Running Number.
  2. Location Wise Running Number.

So when print out would have something like this

Ok, it is understandable what you need. The question is why? What is the use case for it?

In any case : There is no easy way to do it, without a bit of programming. Maybe you could advertise it on the job board.

Good luck!

The reason for this is let’s think about the Multi Location Store, in order for the Manager at each Location A to verify if any Sales Invoice miss out, they need Location Wise Running Number. They need the info for the Daily Cashier Settlement before the document submitted to HQ for final checking.

There are many ways to achieve it :slight_smile:
What you want seems to need customization. What I suggested might work out of the box. Depending on which WH they are creating invoice, they can choose.

You can do like this or if you want more automated way, you can use custom script to auto select based on the warehouse.

Any example for this ?

What are you referring to when you say “Example of this”?

We need Double Series, instead of Either One.

Any idea on how to design /customize for this ?

I am not sure if it is configurable or whether it is programmable. (I am not a programmer)
You would need to post a job.

What you actually want is not feasible because warehouse is mentioned item wise in a child table of Sales Invoice.
Therefore, it is not feasible to generate number based upon warehouse.
Apart from that, there can only be one number you can’t have 2 running numbers altogether.

If you do it like this, it can solve your problem at an extent but not what you want.

Setup the naming series like this:

You will see the series in Sales Invoice like this:

But in my opinion your requirement is not feasible.
As, I mentioned above that the warehouse is selected in the child table therefore there is no guarantee to select only 1 warehouse in all the rows of Sales Order Child Table,

I hope you understood, what I am trying to say.

I’m now split the naming series based on locations instead of Double Running Number as abovementioned. However, I found a issue, since I separate the Naming Series based on Location. But if customer cancel the document and amend it, it allow the user the Change the Location, but the naming series will be follow the previous document running number. Anyone have any idea on how to control this ?

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