Different Exchange Rates for Buying and Selling not possible in Core Setting

Since the naming series builder is embedded in the code, a standard user cannot change the naming for currency exchange rates, thus it is impossible to enter a different selling and buying rate for the same currency conversion on the same date.
Serious bug and poor design I suppose.
We need to extend this also incorporating the source of exchange rate data…

Have not played with multi-currency as it is next company will migrate over to ERPNext that would use this. Company needs to be able to enter exchange rates between transaction and company currency PER TRANSACTION. So there will be multiple exchange rates per day. Is that possible?

The concept of buy and sell exchange rates does not apply as tax authority requires all transactions be reported in company currency so only single exchange rate needed per transaction. For accounting purposes company currency is never SOLD only bought.

Technically it should be possible but you cannot import the rates because of this technical shortsightedness in naming the entry. Very disappointing…

There is also no bulk rename utility for the DocType:Currency Exchange