Different files showing same image

  1. Attaching 2 (or more) images to DocType (Sales Invoice, Payment Entry etc.) shows the same image upon opening.
  2. In File Manger it shows the both file with same image but shows correct file sizes.
  3. If there Dropbox backup is enabled, only one file backup.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Attach any 2 different images with same name to any DocType
  2. After attachment, open them both images will be same
  3. Check your dropbox backup, there will be only one image

Expected result

Should show 2 different images.

Additional information

OS version / distribution, Frappe install method, etc.

ERPNext: v13.33.0 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.32.2 (version-13)

Github Issue 17207

any update?