Different Item Name for each Supplier?

Coming from odoo.
And there is very handy possibility to have different product name for supplier. Most of my suppliers are abroad and have different language. The supplier item code helps, but it looks not so beautiful when several languages are mixes in Purchase Order…

May be I missed this setting somehow?


Hi @Mikhail_Klemin,

Maintain different supplier code in item master, please check

Thanks, Rohit

Supplier code is no problem, that I do.
I want maintenain different supplier Item Name in item master.
When I prepare Sales Quote I would write for example “Άσπρο μαξιλάρι, πρότυπο” and when I would send PO I would like to write “Black pillow, standard”, since my supplier could not read Greek.

I guess it’s not quite possible?

Hi @Mikhail_Klemin

  1. Set default language as english on supplier master.

  2. Create custom translation for Item Name. Goto Setup > Custom Translations > create new translation.

  3. Select language as english, source data as “Άσπρο μαξιλάρι, πρότυπο” and translated data as “Black pillow, standard”

  4. Create purchase order against that supplier and check

For more detail please check below link


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