Different MRP and Rate in terms of items?

I am trying to achieve a scenario where I will have an item with different MRP and rate.

I could have easily add the rate (MRP/1.05) as a pricing rule but then I couldn’t be able to give the discount on the fly as the pricing rule falls under discount.

Please suggest a possible method to achieve this.

Hi @ag11,

-Pricing Rule is made to overwrite Price List / define discount percentage, based on some criteria.

  • If selected Pricing Rule is made for ‘Price’, it will overwrite Price
    List. Pricing Rule price is the final price, so no further discount
    should be applied. Hence, in transactions like Sales Order, Purchase
    Order etc, it will be fetched in ‘Rate’ field, rather than ‘Price List
    Rate’ field.
    -Discount Percentage can be applied either against a Price List or for all Price List.

Thanks for taking time and reply. I understood the functionality of pricing rule but then how to accommodate my situation?

The only thing I can see is by adding a new sell price list. But then I want my customer to see that I am giving them a discount both on MRP as well as on the fly.

Is this at all possible?

For Discount on MRP/Price List Rate, you can use %Discount feature on item master. For on the fly discount, you can use feature of Discount of Net Total and Grand Total’s feature. Both of these discount types can be made visible in the Print Format.