Different & Name for Same Product in POS & Quote

We are running a Paint Shop. The way we calculate price of a Paint is - Base Cost + Color Tinting Cost.

Lemme give you an Example. A customer choose Exterior Emulsion Yellow color 10liter can- The Base cost is Rs-1500. The tinting cost is Rs- 250. So total cost is Rs-1750. The Tinting cost vary from Color to Color and base to base. After making the colour the name of the Product changes to Exterior Paint with Color Code.

While sending quotation also same thing happens. The product name and price changes according to the requirement.

How to add this.

Have a look at


Hello, this will not solve my problem. I need to add product code (Color) while billing n then the price will also change.
For a particular product the code n price will be added n increased while billing.

Well I still think you can use Variant and Attributes to solve your problem …double check manual and may be try it …