Different Price List for Different Customer Group and Different Product Group?


Currently, we have 3 different groups of products and each customer can have different pricing level for each of the product group. The pricing levels varies only by percentage discount.

Product Group A has Price Level: AP1, AP2, AP3
Product Group B has Price Level: BP1, BP2, BP3
Product Group C has Price Level: CP1, CP2, CP3

Customer 1 pricing level is A: AP1, B: BP2, and C: CP3
Customer 2 pricing level is A: AP2, B: BP2, and C: CP3

One way to do this is to have a price list for each of the combinations above. So we need to create 3x3x3=27 price lists.

Is there another way to do this in ERPNext?

It seems that I need a custom fields for Customer, say PriceLevelA, PriceLevelB, and PriceLevelC, and then create a Pricing Rule that is applicable for each product group and price level. But is there a way make Customer custom fields appear in the Pricing Rule under Applicable For fields in the Pricing Rule? Right now, it only Customer, Customer Group, Territory, Sales Partner, and Campaign.

@nanto_himawan can’t think of a solution out of the box.