Different Price lists and Currencies for Multiple companies

We have 2 companies which are operating in different currencies. Hence i created 2 price lists. However, when i m trying to do a selling or buying transaction i get a message mentioning “Exchange Rate is mandatory. Maybe Currency Exchange record is not created for AED to QAR”.
As i contacted Online support i was asked to raise the matter here.


Validation message indicates that currency of the Price List is different from base currency of the Company.

When creating transaction, after selecting company, you should also select Price List. If that Price List currency is same as base currency of the Company, then you will not be asked to provide exchange rate.

For now, you can set only one Company and Price List as default. Hence, when creating transaction for non-default Company, both Company and Price List should be selected manually. Or you are set User Permission for another companies User, and set default value for Company and Price List.