Different prices for service products through POS

I have few service products, which has to be sold through POS, with following prices:


  • 1 P1: $ 175
  • 5 P1: $ 650
  • 10 P1 : $ 1,000

is it achievable out of the box through the system. Kindly advise.


You can use Pricing Rule to have selling rate applied based on certain condition. Pricing Rule will be applicable in the POS Invoices as well. Check following link to learn more.


What is 1, 5 and 10 ahead of P1?

you can make “Item Price” for your service product.
On POS view,you can select your product then price will get fetched from “Item Price”.

Hello Umair,

These are the quantities, say 1 product for $20, 2 for $50, and 10 for say $80. So here the prices are fixed not any percentage for discount.

And also kindly let me know what option has to be selected in POS Welcome screen: Select type of transaction, as we are not intending to use accounting functionality just Sales and Stock part. And while selecting Sales Orders option and proceeding with that asks for the Delivery Date, how to tackle this case too.

Hi Shraddha,

Thanks for reply, Item Price doesn’t have any relation with Quantity as such, though would be great if you could tell us how we could configure this in order to achieve the asked results.

Appreciate your time and efforts.

And P1 is Product.

Please define product p1
& 3 variants 1p1,5p1,10p1
Define prices for variant in item price.
I hope it fulfil your requirement

Happy ERPNexting…