Different Shop and Warehouse

Hi everyone.
This is my current situation, I have a shop (showroom) which sells stuff and a warehouse where costumers go and collect the product or its sent to them.
Right now i use a 3 sheet recipe which is issued at the shop which they deliver to warehouse to collect. They sign it there to certify they collected.
Can I use ERPNEXT to handle this issue?

Try this. Make Sales Invoice and give a printed copy to customer. When customer goes to warehouse let customer show the invoice. Warehouse staff locates the invoice in system and makes delivery note by clicking the blue create button on top right. Submits delivery note, prints it amd gets customer signature when handling over the item.

When delivery note is submitted stock entry and ledger entry is passed to reduce stock and it’s respective value. Just make sure delivery is made by using the create button on Sales Invoice to fetch all sales invoice information into delivery note. From there on both documents are linked. Then delivery note will only allow the item and it’s exact quantity to be delivered. It won’t allow additional items that are not in sales invoice or higher quantity than the sales invoice.

If you are new then I suggest you read up ERPNext documentation and watch videos that are available.

I am reading documentation and watching videos as you suggested, they are very clear and up to date on some issues and … not so good on others.(for example POS)
And everything is very developer centered.

anyway Tnx again, great help. Wonderful community.

This scenario is pretty common. Print invoices without stock update. Storekeeper can print delivery note when he delivers the item. Stock update happens only while submitting delivery note.
Partial deliveries from multiple stores are also possible in this scenario

anyway it might work with POS?

No. POS is cash and carry. It will deduct inventory once sale is complete

there is the stock update button in pos settings, but I couldn’t make it work.
How about POS Awesome?
Does it even work with 13.8?

PoS Awesome now has a Sales Order.

Try this and see if it meets your needs.

And yes it works with 13.8

nope, Installing pos awesome made a crash, after update and migrate All modules became (agriculture , healthcare,…) visible and the categories went missing and new integration madules and …
but the system is fine.
POS awesome didn’t open anyway.
Formatting everything and installing new Ubuntu as we speak.

Ok then…