Different values for different rows in a table

i want to store the different users whwnever the verify button is clicked but because of this code it just duplicating all the values whenever the button is clicked

Below is my code


Before adding user’s entry in table check (using script) whether a user is already added or not in a table.
So it will avoid duplicate entry.

sorry to trouble you,can you help me with the code
And if i validate it then it will post an error of duplicating …i want to insert a new row with out modifying the previous rows…

Check sales_order.py for avoiding duplicate entries.

Refer this

Will the unique filed will do the validation ,but the problem is when the first user is inserting the fields are…

And when the second user is verifying
it is updating the previous rows values …although it didn’t saving but i don’t want to update the previous rows …please help me with these …And by default it is raising an error for the duplcate values for the fields in the child table …
Thank you