Different values with different select options

i want to add a custom filed (state in address), while adding company with drop down.Select option working fine when i write states separated with enter, but i want to different values. like as
value=“01” JAMMU & KASHMIR

if i selected jammu kashmir then value will be stored in db is 01
how can i do this?

A good way to do this is, add two fields one for State and one for value. Hide value field if you want.
Set it on the selection of state field.

Thank you for your reply.
Can you please give me an example, how can i do this?
i am new for ERPnext

Add two fields

  1. State
  2. State Code/Value

write a script to set state value on the selection of State.

e.g. In js

frm.set_value("state_value", "01")