Difficult to manage PDCs for the companies having multiple Bank Accounts

With lots of companies having multiple Current accounts its not confirmed in the beginning that where the cheque will get diposited, as it is decided only when the cheque reaches its maturity. is there any way to maintain this in ERP?

The only way is to Amend the Payment Entry and choose the bank to want to use !

or the payment entry need to be in draft mode where you can make change ( however this entry won’t reflect in the reports or statements )

or have the Payment entry PDC done with a default bank and cancel and amend them when you need to change the bank.

Most companies creates a temporary account for PDC Collected.

Make payment entry against this account and pass a JV once clear to its respected bank account.

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its too much work when you have multiple pdcs to clear in a dat (preferably 30-50) can we automate it? or some option in payment entry to select the debit bank and automate the entry?